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5 tips on how to make a successful story ads

Your Story Format Advertisings aren't converting as much?

here's 5 way to increase the click-through rate!

Over the past few years, I got the chance to work on feed and story style ads with these amazing companies (logos pop up)

1/ You have 3 seconds to get the attention of your lead before they skip the ad.

Here take the time to think about the problem your business is trying to solve and how to ask or show it in an interesting way or just a really attractive visual.

it happens so many times that after I skip an ad, I go back to finish watching it because the first few seconds got my attention.

2/ Use your Logo wisely, at the start (first seconds) (if you are well known in your field) and the end (last 3 seconds) of the video so they can remember you.

3/ Let the music help you hook your audience, by making the visuals move with the music you have a higher percentage of them finishing your ad.

4/ don't use more than 2 sentences in your ad, don't forget, the point of the ad is to get them hooked and visit your website where you can explain more what you are selling and how you can help them. keep it short but clear.

5/ Make sure to emphasise the Swip Up motion with a CTA. To do that, add a swipe up element at the last 3 seconds of the advertising. make your offer with your logo and the animated element to guide them to take action and swipe up :D

I hope these tips were informative, now I invite you to implement them to your story format ads.

And for this, I have prepared a cheat sheet that you can download for free in the description below (And for this, I have prepared a cheat sheet that you can download from my website in my bio) and see you next time! :D

You can download the cheat sheet here :




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